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Personalized Approach

When designing your new home, you have the opportunity to express your style and personalize your space to meet your family's needs. The opportunities are limitless, so customize the elements in your living space to complement your lifestyle.


Jansen Consulting - design and project management - is here to help you achieve a comfortable, affluent lifestyle for your family. 


Thank you for considering our company as your design and project partner.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Jansen Consulting is an architectural design / drafting company specializing in design of custom homes, additions and renovations. Working with both commercial and residential clients, we bring innovative design ideas to every project.


We use our extensive experience in the residential design and construction to the highest standards. Our individual approach to each project creates unique, personalized homes. We are affiliated with Surveyor, HVAC designer, Structural engineer, Truss engineer.


Jansen Consulting has in it's lifetime earned a solid reputation for creative and innovative design solutions.

Jeff Jansen, registered designer and owner of Jansen Consulting, has been in the construction industry for many years. He is architectural technician from training and has been designing homes since 1989. Jeff has been operating Jansen Consulting since 1994. He has been designing custom build homes, additions and renovations of any size and complexity, as well as doing some commercial work. 


Jeff also spent 7 years as a head construction supervisor for a large builder, building high end homes. His construction experience and knowledge of the building industry, gives him the little extra, that's being valued by every customer.    



- Registered Designer

                     Building Regulation - Designer Qualification and Registration  

- Building Code Identification Number (BCIN)

                     Building Regulation - Administration of Designer Requirements  

-Architectural Technician

             Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology

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